Telecom - Deployment Services

Amex India offer vendor services to the organizations of all scales and sizes in telecom sector.


Telecom optics is one of the most dynamic vertical for the communication where it is very crucial to get a passage of work with fast-moving product trends. Here our team is adamant towards the work quality and delivery, we are one of top 10 vendors in this industry to deliver the business on time. Amex India optics division helps to the OEM’s in designing of the optics products- E.g., OTN, Switches, routers Long Haul Networks, Super core network, Super edge Network and packet services as well. We are dedicated for on time delivery of business as per customer economic cost.


Being a service provider, our goal is very reliable and scalable connectivity to guarantee your end user customer satisfaction while addressing your own monetization and network optimization issues and controlling costs. Our reliable IP services solve network problems relating to speed scalability, class of services management, traffic engineering etc.

Amex India

India is a dominant player in the telecom industry. The company offers end to end services and solutions to businesses from telecom backgrounds and industries. Amex India is renowned for providing best in class services and quality to businesses.